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DD Tote Bag

DD Tote Bag

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Product information

All the way from beautiful Italy, we give you the perfect tote bag.
This hand made bag made with a lot of attention to style, comfort and stability,
Which making it a must-have accessory for those who appreciate both form and function.

Size: Handle length: 15” / 38cm
Handle hight: 5.5” / 14cm
Width: 14.5” / 47 cm
Height: 9” / 23cm
Depth: 4.5” / 12cm

Materials: Polyester rope

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Understanding carbon removal

We neutralize our shipping emissions and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon removal is the process of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then storing it.

For example, if a truck or a plane that delivers your shipment releases 1 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, then we ensure that 1kg of CO2 is also sucked from the atmosphere and stored away using solutions and technologies in Shopify Sustainability Fund.

Calculating shipping emissions

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It’s you!

We create jewelry that makes you feel like a radiant star, every day. With our pearls and gemstones, you’ll shine with timeless and classic allure. We believe in giving you the gift of glowing confidence and chic, so you can embrace every moment with grace and poise.

Explore our collection and let Daydream Miami become a part of your story. Elevate your style with pearls that whisper elegance and shout fashion.

Our mission

At Daydream Miami, our story begins with a dream, a vision of elegance, and a passion for crafting exquisite jewelry. Miami, with its vibrant culture and stunning beauty, became the backdrop to our journey.

It all started with a deep appreciation for the beauty of pearls, gemstones, and quality craftsmanship. We set out to create pieces that would captivate hearts and elevate style, whether you’re in your favorite casual day outfit or dressed for a night out in a classic gown.

Every pearl, every gemstone, every element we use is carefully chosen and woven into our designs with the utmost care and precision. Our inspiration is drawn from the very essence of Miami - its elegance, class, fashion, and undeniable style.

What sets our pearl jewelry apart is its remarkable versatility. These pearls are like no other, surprising in how they seamlessly fit into your daily attire, adding a touch of timeless beauty to your casual days. But they’re also ready to dazzle when the evening calls for elegance, effortlessly elevating your style with grace and poise.

With Daydream Miami, we invite you to become part of our story. Let our jewelry be a reflection of your own style, a versatile companion that effortlessly complements any look. We’re not just crafting jewelry; we’re crafting moments of confidence, grace, and lasting beauty.

As we continue on this journey, we dream of creating more, inspiring more, and sharing the allure of Miami’s charm with the world. Welcome to Daydream Miami, where your dreams are made tangible, and elegance is eternal.