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Alexa Necklace

Alexa Necklace

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Product information

New & Stunning!!
Hematite silver smooth and shiny beads, decorated with round golden clasp.
Your must have piece for a perfect summer!

These hematite beads have been electroplated which giving them a stunning bright silver color.

** This item is very delicate and requires special attention! To keep your piece shining and beautiful, please follow these care instructions carefully:

-Do not go to the beach with it.
-Do not shower with it.
-Avoid any contact with liquids, water, or chemicals.
-Store separately from other jewelry in a shady place.


Size: Silver beads: 7mm

Materials: Hematite silver
gold plated

Length guide

** Model neck: 13” / 33cm

Care and clean


1. Avoid Chemicals: Pearls are sensitive to chemicals. Avoid contact with perfumes, hairsprays, makeup, and household cleaning products as they can dull the pearls’ luster.

2. Put Them On Last: When dressing, put your pearl jewelry on as the last step to minimize exposure to cosmetics and other products.

3. Gently Clean: After wearing, wipe your pearls with a soft, damp cloth to remove any residues. Dry them thoroughly before storing.

4. Storage: Store pearls separately from other jewelry to prevent scratching. Avoid storing them in airtight containers, as pearls need some moisture to maintain their luster.

5. Wear Them Regularly: Pearls benefit from being worn regularly as the natural oils from your skin can help maintain their shine.

6. Remove During Activities: Take off gold-filled jewelry before swimming, showering, exercising, or sleeping to prevent damage or tangling



As a jewelry enthusiast, you understand the importance of keeping your precious pieces in pristine condition. Whether you own stunning pearl necklaces, elegant silver bracelets, or timeless gold rings, proper cleaning and care are essential to maintain their beauty and longevity. In this guide, we will provide you with expert tips on how to clean and care for your pearl jewelry.

Pearls are delicate gems that require gentle cleaning to preserve their natural luster. Follow these steps to clean your pearls:

1. Use a Soft Cloth: Start by wiping the pearls with a soft, lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber or cotton cloth. This can remove surface dirt and oils.

2. Mild Soapy Water: If your pearls need more cleaning, you can create a gentle cleaning solution. Mix a small amount of mild, liquid soap (such as a gentle dishwashing soap) with lukewarm water. Avoid using harsh detergents or chemicals.


3. Damp Cloth: Dip a clean, soft cloth or a sponge into the soapy water mixture. Make sure it’s just damp, not soaking wet.

4. Gently Wipe: Gently wipe the pearls with the damp cloth or sponge. Avoid soaking the pearls, as excessive moisture can damage the silk thread that often holds them together.

5. Rinse with Clean Water: After cleaning, rinse the pearls with a second cloth dampened with clean, plain water. This will remove any soap residue.

6. Pat Dry: Use a dry, soft cloth to pat the pearls gently and absorb excess moisture. Allow them to air dry completely before storing them.

7. Avoid Immersion: Never immerse pearl jewelry in water or soak it for an extended period, as this can weaken the string and affect the pearls’ luster.

By following these cleaning and care tips, you can ensure that your pearl jewelry remains beautiful and radiant for years to come.

Enjoy wearing your DayDream Miami pieces and let them be a reflection of your unique style and elegance.

Made in Miami

Our jewelry is lovingly handmade in the heart of Miami, where the vibrant city’s energy, lush nature, and the serene beach inspire each piece.

We channel the essence of Miami into our creations, infusing them with the spirit of this tropical paradise.

Each accessory embodies the unique blend of urban chic and coastal serenity that makes Miami truly extraordinary.

Save the planet with us

We use Shopify Planet to automatically calculate shipping emissions, and ensure high-quality carbon removal to neutralize our shipping footprint. Unlike other sustainable commerce services, Planet focuses on carbon removal, rather than offsetting carbon with forest protection. To do this, Shopify works with high-impact companies like Running Tide and Remora through the Shopify Sustainability Fund to make a real impact on our Earth.

Understanding carbon removal

We neutralize our shipping emissions and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon removal is the process of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then storing it.

For example, if a truck or a plane that delivers your shipment releases 1 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, then we ensure that 1kg of CO2 is also sucked from the atmosphere and stored away using solutions and technologies in Shopify Sustainability Fund.

Calculating shipping emissions

The Planet app combines data from our store with industry data and peer-reviewed models to estimate how much CO2 our shipments release into the environment. Because the Planet app makes sure that CO2 shipping emissions are removed entirely, all values that are used in the data models are rounded up.

Please note that the pearls and stones you receive may not be identical to the images on our website.Nature’s beauty is unique, and natural variations in shape and color are part of the charm of our jewelry.Each piece is crafted with genuine pearls and stones, and these subtle differences make your jewelry one-of-a-kind.

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    Freshwater pearls aren’t just for summer! These lustrous gems can add a touch of elegance to your winter wardrobe. Layer them with cozy scarves and winter knits for a chic and warm look that defies the cold.


    Pearls are known as the “Queen of Gems” for a reason. They’re the only gemstone created by a living creature, making each pearl a unique work of art crafted by nature.


    Cultured freshwater pearls have an incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly production process. Unlike some gemstones that require extensive mining, pearls are created without harming the environment, making them a responsible and beautiful choice for jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the pearls real pearls?

Yes, absolutely all the pearls that we use are freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are genuine pearls that are created by mollusks in freshwater environments, resulting in their natural beauty and luster.

What is the shipping policy? 

Shipping within the United States typically takes between three to five days. For international shipping, please allow approximately five to seven days. Please note that delivery times may vary depending on the carrier and unforeseen circumstances, so we recommend checking with the carrier for the most accurate delivery estimates.

Is it possible to return or exchange jewelry if I’m not satisfied?

Yes! Our main purpose is to ensure our customers are happy and satisfied with their jewelry.

We accept returns and offer a full refund within 14 days from the day you receive the package. The jewelry must be in a new, unworn condition, and return shipping fees will be the customer’s responsibility. Exchanges are also possible within 14 days, simply contact us directly at to initiate the exchange process.

Is it true that our skin can help maintain the pearls’ luster?

Yes, it’s true! Pearls are unique gems that benefit from contact with your skin. The natural oils and moisture from your skin can help maintain the luster and shine of pearls. Wearing your pearls regularly is a great way to keep them looking their best.

 However, it’s important to clean them gently after each wear to remove any accumulated oils or residues for long-lasting beauty.

How do I take care for and maintain my jewelry?

Proper care ensures the longevity and beauty of your jewelry. We recommend gently cleaning it with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt or oils. Avoid contact with chemicals, perfumes, and excessive moisture. When not in use, store your jewelry in a cool, dry place, and consider keeping it in a jewelry box or pouch to prevent scratches and tarnishing.

Is it true that freshwater pearls can change their color and shape with time?

Yes, it’s a natural characteristic of freshwater pearls to evolve over time. Unlike synthetic materials, freshwater pearls may exhibit subtle changes in color and shape. This is because they are organic gems, and their luster and surface may develop a unique patina, which adds to their beauty and uniqueness. These variations are a testament to the authenticity of your pearls.

Can I wear my freshwater pearl jewelry while showering, swimming, or at the beach?

We recommend avoiding wearing your freshwater pearl necklace while showering, swimming in the pool, or going into the ocean, including showering with soap.

Both chlorine and saltwater, as well as soap, can be harmful to the pearls, potentially causing damage to their luster and surface over time.

To maintain the beauty and longevity of your pearls, it’s best to remove them before entering these environments.


It’s you!

We create jewelry that makes you feel like a radiant star, every day. With our pearls and gemstones, you’ll shine with timeless and classic allure. We believe in giving you the gift of glowing confidence and chic, so you can embrace every moment with grace and poise.

Explore our collection and let Daydream Miami become a part of your story. Elevate your style with pearls that whisper elegance and shout fashion.

Our mission

At Daydream Miami, our story begins with a dream, a vision of elegance, and a passion for crafting exquisite jewelry. Miami, with its vibrant culture and stunning beauty, became the backdrop to our journey.

It all started with a deep appreciation for the beauty of pearls, gemstones, and quality craftsmanship. We set out to create pieces that would captivate hearts and elevate style, whether you’re in your favorite casual day outfit or dressed for a night out in a classic gown.

Every pearl, every gemstone, every element we use is carefully chosen and woven into our designs with the utmost care and precision. Our inspiration is drawn from the very essence of Miami - its elegance, class, fashion, and undeniable style.

What sets our pearl jewelry apart is its remarkable versatility. These pearls are like no other, surprising in how they seamlessly fit into your daily attire, adding a touch of timeless beauty to your casual days. But they’re also ready to dazzle when the evening calls for elegance, effortlessly elevating your style with grace and poise.

With Daydream Miami, we invite you to become part of our story. Let our jewelry be a reflection of your own style, a versatile companion that effortlessly complements any look. We’re not just crafting jewelry; we’re crafting moments of confidence, grace, and lasting beauty.

As we continue on this journey, we dream of creating more, inspiring more, and sharing the allure of Miami’s charm with the world. Welcome to Daydream Miami, where your dreams are made tangible, and elegance is eternal.