What are cultured freshwater pearl?

What are cultured freshwater pearl?

Freshwater pearls are genuine pearls nature produces, although they are formed with human intervention.

They grow inside mussels in special freshwater farms mostly in China.

Humans implant 24 to 32 tiny irritant of mantle tissue inside the mussel and the natural reaction progression begins.

The pearl grows inside a the mussel between six months up to several years. Creating layer upon layer of NACRE, which is a form of calcium carbonate and protein– A PEARL!

95% of the pearl nacre are natural.

After harvest, millions of pearls are sorted, graded, and evaluated by size, color, shape and LUSTER, which is the shimmery, shiny, reflective component we all associate to pearls.

The older the mussel, the longer the pearl is in process- it’s grade and value will be higher.

Today, freshwater pearls takes a respectable share of the fine jewelry world and offer a spectacular diverse of shape, quality and color for every style and budget.


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